Holiday Take Then Make Ornaments for Families

By PLYMOUTH ARTS CENTER (other events)

2 Dates Through Dec 17, 2022

Holiday Take-then-Make Ornaments at the Plymouth Arts Center! Reserve online or by phone & pick up on : December 9th or December 17th, from 10:00am-12:00pm

Start getting into the holiday spirit with FREE Ornament Making. A gift from the Plymouth Arts Center! *Please register by December 7th for the December 9 pick up, or by December 14th for the December 17th pick up Reserve your ornaments while supplies last!

Ornament options include:

Option #1- Popsicle Stick Tree (great for toddlers and all ages)-this option will need a paintbrush and adhesive, not included

Option #2– Beaded Snowflake (ages 6+)

Option #3– Beaded Wreath and Candy Cane (ages 6+)

Option #4– Beaded Snowflake (adult)

Packages will be ready for pick-up at the PAC classroom. *Limit to one ornament per family member.

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